Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

How to Dress Cute

You can learn how to dress cute no matter your budget or your body type. The fit of your clothes is as important as the cut. These tips on how to dress cute include general guidelines as well as account for trends, personal taste and the power of accessories.

Know Your Type

Dressing cute is all about knowing your body type. The clothes that look nice on a pear-shaped body will look differently on someone who has a long torso and short legs. The best thing to do is figure out the shape of your body and what works with your shape. If you have a favorite feature, try to highlight this. If you can not stand your thighs, consider wearing A-line skirts and other items that hide this feature.

Consider which colors look best with your skin coloring. If you choose your color palette wisely, you can then make your outfits that much cuter. For example, if you have pale white skin, freckles and red hair, deep greens and purples might be a good bet. If you have olive skin and dark eyes, you may want to go with peachy shades.

One of the most important pieces of dressing cute is to select clothes that fit your figure. Wearing clothes that are too large or too small will not flatter your figure or make you look cute. Thus, make sure to always try on clothing before buying. No matter your fashion sense or style, you still want your clothes to fit your body well.

Accessories really make any outfit that much more memorable or complete. Wearing a belt or nice pair of earrings is like pairing a stunning painting with a finely-made frame: it adds to the total package. When it comes to accessories like jewelry, remember that less is definitely more. If you wear too much, it could take away from your overall look.

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